Plants and Landscapes in Ladera Heights

Main Menu These pages bring together information about the plants and landscaping elements found in the Ladera Heights community. It will include information I have found about the proper care for particular plants commonly used in landscaping for the community, and discuss the desirability or non-desirability of certain plant choices. It will also describe the plants that are weeds, and other pests and how to control them. For information on landscape equipment, such as automated sprinkers or irrigation systems see the relates site on Landscape Technology.

Common Plants in Ladera Heights Landscaping

    The following are some of the plants found commonly in Ladera Heights landscapes. Note that some of the plants are mildly invasive and considered weeds by some, but they can add to the landscape if controlled. Move the pointer over the image to see the plants name. Click on the photo for a description and larger images (following the photos are the names of some other plants common in the landscape which have not yet been completely cataloged):
    Mexican Evening Primrose (oenothera.berlandieri) Yellow Trailing Gazania (gazania rigens) Red Fountain Grass (pennisetum.s.rubrum) Pampas Grass (Cortaderia Selloana) Laurel Sumac (Rhus laurina) Spanish Lavender (lavandula stoechas) California Poppy (eschscholzia.californica) Bird of Paradise (strelitzia.reginae)
      The plants shown above are listed below by their names: The following will be added to this site eventually:
    • Spanish Lavender - Purple tops, woody stem
      • Fremontia
      • Mexican Palo Verde - A tree with yellow flowers.
      • Mexican sage - Purple tops, woody stem
      • Westrngio - white flower
      • Desert willow tree
      • Island Bush Poppy - with the yellow flowers, sturdy bush
      • Mountain marigold
      • Prostrate Juniper
      • Kangeroo Paw
      • Carpet of Snow
      • Ceanothus - California Lilac?
      • Cuban sage
      • Verbena - long stem with pods at the top that get lots of small purple flowers.
      • Autumn shade - red flowers
      • Apricot Malloy - Orange flowers
      • Ohleander
      • Washingtonia palm
      • Fortnight lily or Dietus lilies

      Common Landscape Problems in Ladera Heights

      There are several common problems that present themselves with landscapes in Ladera Heights landscapes. Among these problems are invasive weeds, and our overpopulation of snails. This section addresses these problems, suggesting solutions to the snail and weed problems. For the invasive weeds, it is important to get rid of them as soon as they appear, especially before they form seedheads. Otherwise they can rapidly overtake your landscape, killing off the more desirable plants. Move the pointer over the image for a brief description. Click on the photo for a description and larger images:
      Snail Snail burr medic(m. polymorpha) common melilot(m. indicus) Spiny Sow Thistle (Sonchus Asper)

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      Plants for landscaping can be obtained from several sources including.
      • Home Depot
      • First Image Nursery - 2700 S. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles 90016. (323) 964-9632. This is a wholesale nursery that is open to the public. It is located on Fairfax, just off of La Cienga, before the 10 freeway.
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