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Halloween Decorations and Costumes - Ladera Frights - Tomb Stone Halloween is a very big holday in Ladera Heights. In upper Ladera you will find houses decorated for that spooky effect. You will find significant displays of spooky yard decorations and many residents answer their door on Halloween in freigtening costumes. Over the years, word has gotten out that Ladera Heights is a good community for trick-or-treating and many parents from the West side of Los Angeles and Southern California bring their children here. Last year I gave out more than 1,000 pieces of candy and I ran out. This year I have three times as much, ready to go.

This page has tips for the residents of Ladera Heights on finding the right decorations and supplies, and how to get into the Halloween spirit economically.


Halloween Costumes and Decorations

You can find Halloween decorations from many sources, with basic items available from grocery stores and drug stores. For greater selection you should look to specialty stores or buy online. In the weeks prior to Halloween, stores devoted to costumes and decorations usually spring up, and promptly close the first week in November. These stores appear in malls and other locations with vacencies, and because they are short lived, i can't tell you, or even guess where they will be this year. Craft stores and some home decorating stores are another good sources for Halloween supplies.
  • Spirit Halloween Superstore - Villa Marina Center, Marina del Rey, 310-821-0248. A seasonal store at the location above for 2009. They have a large selection of Halloween themed decorations and costumes.For information on other locations or for online orders visit their website - SpiritHalloween.com
  • Smarthome.com - Usually has a large collection of high tech Halloween items that become available in early or mid September..
  • Stats Home Decorative Center - 2012 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach - (310) 376-6943 - is a great source for decorations for all holidays, and they usually have a good selection of Halloween decorations. This is probably your best local source in terms of selection, although it is a little bit of a drive.
  • Michaels - 3341 West Century Blvd. - Inglewood 98303 - (310) 677-1531 - has a good selection of Halloween decorations. Check you Sunday papers for regular coupons.
  • BuyCostumes has a great selection of Halloween costumes.
  • - has many costumes from which to choose.
  • Riteaid - Usually has one or two good Halloween decorations each season - but not a large selection. They are a good source for Haloween Candy.
  • Walgreens - Also usually has a couple of good Haloween decorations - but not a large selection. They are a good source for Halloween Candy.
  • 99 Cent Only Stores - 6854 La Tijera Blvd (1 block south of La Cienga) - (310) 670-9900 - usually has some Halloween items during September and October.

Haloween Candy

In 2004 I gave out more than 1,000 pieces of candy and I ran out. If you are near the top of the upper part of Ladera Heights, you will likely give out between 1,500 and 2,000 pieces of candy, depending on weather and other factors. Keep this in mind when you choose the candy your purchase - you will want to get big bags with lots of pieces. Good sources for candy are Costco, and Riteaid, and Walgreens, but look for the sales. You can order in bulk online from CandyWarehouse.com. You can also stock up on candy after Halloween, for the next year, at a savings of 50-75% (yes, that means you can pay 1/4, the pre-hallween price). But if you do this, you need to select hard candies, which will last the year until the following Halloween.

Halloween in Ladera Heights
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