Dining Discount Program

Main Menu The Dining Discount program allows customers to purchase dining certificates in advance for the specific participating restaurants they plan to visit. These certificates entitle to person to whom they were issued a specified discount at the specific restaurant for which the certificate was issued. The certificates carry conditions, for example, $25 of a dinner bill of at least $50. The amount of the discount is almost always significantly more than the cost of the certificate, but because of the conditions, the total savings could be comparable to coupon savings one might obtain using coupons from other sources.

This program will make sense for meals in some situations at participating restaraunts, but you should decide on your own if the discount offered is worth the price, and the conditions. The Ladera Restaurants page lists some restaraunts that have participated with, allowing you to learn about the possible discount. If you frequently visit one of these restaurants, it might make sense or order certificates that you know you will use. If you are not certain you will visit a particilar restaurant, this program is not for you, because once purchased they can only be used at a single establishment (sometimes at more than one location). Generally (at the time of this review), if you are not able to use the certificate within 90 days you might still be able to exchange it for a "megacertificate" with which you can then exchange for certificate for other establishments.

I have found that in many cases, even if a restaraount participates with, their ceritificates may be out of stock when I wanted them. For a restaraunt that you visit often, you may want to purcahse several certificates at once so you have them to use. But, be sure you are aware of the expriation dates. Generally, you are only allowed to use a certificate at a particular establishment once per month. Other common terms are that the discount is usually only good for parties of two or more, and often no larger than 8. Only a single cerificate may be used per party. Except in california, most ceritificates have an expiration of one year, though specific certificates may have different terms.

Entertainment! Real savings on all you do! My rating for this program is that it is difficult to use, but it may provide reasonable discounts in certain situations. If you are an Entertainment member and the restaurant accepts it, you might find the entertainment discount better and easier to use, but you will only be able to use the Entertainment discount once per year, wheras the promotion might be usable once per month . If you are a member of one of the rewards network programs and it is accepted, then that program will be much easier to use, but it might give you less of a rebate, or your benefit may be in the form of frequent flyer miles. is a Trademark of, Inc.
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