Habitat in the Ladera Heights

Main Menu Ladera Heights borders on open space in the core of the western part of Los Angeles, currently occupied by oil fields, much of which is expected to become park land within the next 30 years. There is much that those of us living in Ladera Heights can do today to provide better habitat for the wildlife that inhabits our neighborhood, and to attract more. Among the wildlife suitable for our neighborhood are many varieties of birds, butterflies, and small lizards.

This page highlights some of the wildlife found near Ladera Heights and discusses their habitat requirements. It also discusses steps you can take to provide a complete habitat for these animals in your own backyard. For more information on the habitat in the area surrounding Ladera Heights, visit the Baldwin Hills information site.

The National Wildlife Federation has developed their Backyard Certified Wildlife Habitat® Program to help individuals restore wildlife habitat in their own yards. The key components of wildlife habitat are food, water, cover, and places for animals to raise their young.

As you walk though Ladera Heights you will find many yards that provide suitable habitats, and at least one yard that has been certified as a backyard habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. If you are interested in certifying your yard or having some of the wildlife you have attracted or habitat features you have created in your yard featured on this site, please let me know by contacting habitat@laderaheights.info.

The rest of this page includes picture of wildlife in Ladera Heights. Not all of the pictured wildlife is necessarily desirable in and of itself, for example the snails, but as part of an ecosystem, some animals provide food for other animals. The selection of animals shown on this page is based soley on availability, i.e. pictures actually taken in Ladera Heights that I have been able to take or otherwise obtain from others.
Ducks in pond form by February 2005 rains Snail Snail
Great Horned Owl

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