Grocery Shopping Near Ladera Heights

Main Menu This page lists sources for groceries near Ladera Heights. Where listed, distances in the listings below are approximate and are from the intersection of Slauson and La Cienga. Learn how to reduce your shopping bill at

Grocery Stores Near Ladera Heights

  • Ralphs
    • 5245 West Centinela Ave - In Ladera Center
    • 10772 Jefferson Blvd - At Overland
    • 950 North La Brea - At Rodeo
  • Vons
    • 6921 La Tijera Blvd - South of Centinela
    • 11030 Jefferson blvd - at Sepulveda - Pavilions
  • Alberstons
    • 5750 Mesmer Avenue
    • 3901 Crenshaw Blvd
    • 3480 South La Brea
  • Bristol Farms
    • 8448 Lincoln Blvd, Westchester 90045
  • Food-for-Less
  • Gelsons - 13455 Maxella Ave, Marina del Rey

Membership, Warehouse, or discount Stores near Ladera Heights

The following stores will typically have a smaller selection of items than traditional grocery stores, but may have better prices. It is important for you to know the typical price for the items you need since some items will be less expensive than at supermarkets, while other items will be more expensive, especially since these stores do not typically accept manufacturer's coupons that you might be able to use at supermarkets. Some items may be sold in bulk quantities.
  • Smart-and-Final - 1575 Centinella Ave Inglewood (1 block east of La Cienega) - (310) 673-4997
      Smart and Final is a great place to groceries in bulk sizes, especially paper products, and candy and similar snacks. As with most bulk stores, it is iportant to know prevailing and sale prices at grocery stores since some items will be more expensive. For example, soda is usually more expensive than the sale prices often offered at grocerys stores. But if items aren't on sale at the supermarket, Smart and Final will usually have better prices. Smart and Final will accept manufacturers coupons - but the per unit value of such coupons may be higher when one buys small quantiies at a grocery store than the large quanities usually sold at Smart and Final.

  • 99 Cent Only Stores - 6854 La Tijera Blvd (1 block south of La Cienga) - (310) 670-9900 -
      99 Cent Only stores has items at 99 cents or less (e.g. 2 for .99). The selection changes, depending on what they have been able to purchase at prices below .99. The items here fall into several categories: 1) those that are small sizes, and thus might normally sell for .99 or less. These items are occasionally more expensive unit price wise than what you might pay at a grocery store, but in general a pretty good deal. 2) items that the .99 cent store purchases as surplus from stores and liquidaters. These can often be very good deals, but the selection changes all the time. And 3) lower quality items from vendors you probably have never heard of. These too can be a good buy if you aren't buying something to last or where quality might not be an issue.

  • Costco - Requires a membership at approximately $50 per year.
    • 13463 Washington Blvd - Marina del Rey/Culver City - (310) 754-2003
    • 3560 West Centruy Blvd - Inglewood - (310) 242-2777

      Costco sells grocery items in bulk quantities plus electronics and big-ticket items, books, and clothing. Prices for some grocery items are very good, while other items are comparable to the non-sale prices at grocery stores. Know what reasonable prices are before you go. Prices on the larger ticket items, e.g. electronics, are usually very good, and they tend to carry high quality products. The selection of products is better at the Inglewood location than in the Marina del Rey/Culver City location.

Specialty food stores

  • Trader Joes - Trader Joes is an excellent source of wine, cheese, and other specialty foods. They have a very large selection and typically better prices for these items than grocery stores. Trader Joes is also a good source for organic foods.
    • 9290 Culver Blvd - Culver City - (310) 202-1108
    • 3456 S. Sepulveda Blvd - West Los Angeles 90034 - (NE of Palms, next to Longs Drug) - (310) 836-2458
    • 8645 South Sepulveda - Westchester 90045 (between Manchester and La Tijera) - (310) 338-9238
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